January 21, 2013

Cultivated from skateboarding, art and the streets, MUSA embraces and exploits all American pop-culture, politics and propaganda with no cultural barriers. It’s a voice of dissent. Cultural, political, and seeking to shed light on subjects shrouded in darkness due to finance, fanaticism, or fear. MUSA seeks to affect positive change
through giving voice to matters that may be uncomfortable for the institutions, but are crucial for the
individual citizen. Just like America, MUSA is a melting pot of everything and this will come forward in the
months and years to come with new product releases. Living up to the name created, all products from
MUSA will be from the American workers’ hands, proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Dropping today are 4 shirts to tease to the Spring 13 Collection that will release in early March 2013. MUSA
brings you the Free Biggie, Weed House, Army Rangers and #girlswhosmokeweed shirts to start the
collection off with a pop. Created by skateboard industry veteran, Brian Jones, who’s led various marketing
roles for brands like Altamont, Emerica, éS, Zero and Mystery, Brian explains “This isn’t about creating false
beliefs and bullshit hype graphics on t-shirts, MUSA is meant to bring attention to issues the plague and
propel this great country and embrace the belief that things can be better with a voice of direction and