January 12, 2011

Markisa now available at the Ward and Pearlridge In4mation. Markisa is an accessories company done by P-Rod Jr, Nigel Alexander, and Jason Wakuzawa. Stylish goods with an affordable price range.

“Welcome to Markisa Co. Accessories. Markisa is all about style, function, and we are always thinking of new ideas with innovative features. With our dedicated team and quality products, we strive only for the best. Markisa is a lifestyle brand making wallets, clothing and accessories. We support artists, djs, musicians, skateboarders, snowboarders, surfers, bmx & motocross riders, photographers, videographers & anyone that has a strong passion for what they love to do. The brand was Created and designed by like minded individuals that wanted to add something new to your everyday lifestyle.

Why we chose wallets to start with? When we initially created Markisa, we wanted to design a brand that was fresh yet useful and could be apart of our everyday life. We carry our wallets everywhere and its for sure a key piece you can’t leave home without. Markisa Co 2009.” – Markisa

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