March 1, 2012

From the most mundane of relationships to the most impactful, the whispers of influence are constantly upon us. And although it can come in many forms and many ways, for Honolulu’s Mark Kushimi, a man with a camera always at the ready, it’s his eclectic group of friends that keep him under the influence. This past First Friday, February 3, at the Human Imagination in downtown Honolulu, Kushimi put together the exhibit of his work under the title “Art and Document.”
Working as the editor in chief and art director of Contrast Magazine as well as being a pivotal force behind a myriad of other projects, Kushimi is a lynchpin in the constantly evolving and burgeoning creative community in Honolulu. Fueled by his close friends, Kushimi’s work will feature photos of the likes of notable Honolulu artists including Jeff Harsel, Aly Ishikuni, Nicole Naone, Rhandy Tambio and Lucky Olelo. Much thanks to all that came through our doors here in the Chinatown arts district and please join us tomorrow for our next exhibit with RBMA Redbull arts academy Q and A and photography show.