February 15, 2011

Our friends at Sound Boarding sent us these little videos they put together about KIX TRIX. Check out the video and see some fresh Japan skate spots, skateboarders, and the fun missions that went down in the land of the rising sun. Mahalos to Junji for sending us the links!
YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

Via – Rules:
Your team must complete as many goals/mission as possible in the set time limit to earn the maximum amount of points. All golas/missions don`t have to be completed, but the team with the most points wins. You have exactly 3 hours/ 3 tapes to complete your goals/missions. Your team will receive 8 location envelopes with the goals/missions inside. The envelopes CANNOT be opened until you reach the location, which you must show the filmer before you open it. The filmer CANNOT stop filming and must film at all times.

Bonus points will be given for clean/ perfect tricks, and also for doing better tricks than the goal/ mission card says. (for example, if the card says “kickflip a 5 stair”, but they BS flip instead)


Your team will lose points for sloppy ass tricks or for doing something easier than the goal mission card. (for example, if the card says “kickflip a 5 stair”, but they just ollie it instead)

The 8 location envelopes:
1. Hat Kobe
2. The new skatepark (I forgot the name)
3. Higashiuenchi
4. Sumitomo bank
5. Meriken Park
6. Haneko
7. Shelter
8. Randomness (not a location, but other random missions. )

Area goals:
Higashiuenchi 135pts:
1. Ollie the big 3 stair with the takoyaki bumps – 25pts
2. Double 5 challenge: Ollie/kickflip – 40pts
3. Team challenge: back to back grinds on the bottom stair in the court – 45pts
4. do a 5 trick line *bonus points will be given for additional ticks* – 30pts

Sumitomo 115pts:
1. 4up 4down line: go up the 4 and down the 4 in one line – 45pts
2. Sumitomo wall ride – 25pts
3. Manual the entire top of the 4 – 45pts

Meriken 180pts:
1. flip to manual (any combo is okay) – 30pts
2. Nollie BS heelflip the easter Island sculpture – 30pts
3. Do a “Tower Dynamite”!!!! – 50pts (hahahaha)
4. BS 180 from the top of the big 4 by the Mosaic penis – 40pts
5. Noseslide the ledge by the bricked ground – 30pts

Haneko 150pts:
1. Ollie the Haneko 4 – 80pts
2. Grind to Grind: combo grind..for example double bluntslide : ) (yeah right!) – 25pts
3. 50 palms: 5.0 the ledge next to the palm tree down the 4 – 45pts

The new skatepark 100 pts:
1. Flip to grind the super small rail – 20pts
2. 50-50 the big ledge – 50pts
3. Team challenge: back to back stalls on a quarter pipe – 30pts

HAT Kobe 100 pts:
1. do a 5 trick line *bonus points will be given for additional ticks* – 100pts

Shleter Skateshop – 100pts:
1. 6-pack Sunday – 60pts
*Bonus points for drinking the 「sponsor name」magic skate potion* – 40pts

Randomness 120pts:
1. Get a security guard to ride your skateboard – 20pts
2. Ride a ride at Mosaic park – 20pts
3. Try to pick up a girl or get her phone number – 20pts
4. Sticker challenge: get a point for every sticker you put up – 20pts
5. Naked challenege: do a grind, ollie, or line naked (what do you think…too gay?) – 20pts
6. Sudden death game of skate on a train platform – 20pts