January 13, 2011

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80′s era flashback?? Nopes your not seeing things… and yes these 80′s skate titans are wearing their OG gear and riding their old school boards that started many trends way back then. Peep the video to get nostalgic and give respect for these guys that are still skating today!

“The event took place in a separate hall of the Orlando Convention Center. During the day leading up to the event, Quiksilver, with help of Team Pain, built a ramp and let the skaters skate before the crowd of 3,000 entered the hall later that day. Tony Hawk was the first one to show up to practice at 9AM. He had his right hand man Kevin Staab with him. Both of them skated for an hour or so and by the time they were done the other top 80’s competitors started to trickle in. The likes of Christian Hosoi, Andy Macdonald, Mike Frazier, and Steve Steadham all warmed up before the event. At 5:30 the SurfExpo staff slowly opened the giant doors that connected the halls for the hoards of people lined up to be the first in line to get the best spot next to the ramp to watch the event. At 6pm on the dot, hundreds of people ran from the opening to the ramp. After all the people from Expo got it, and the general public arrived from a seperate entrance, the contest started. All of the skaters emerged from the green room with their 80’s outfits and boards. The first part of the contest was broken down to two heats. After that there was a jam session where the skaters received $100 hard cash for landing certain 80’s tricks. The tricks were submitted to ShredOrDie.com the weeks before the event, and then were announced off to the skaters to perform. Hosoi got $100 for doing a Christ Air! At the end of the jam session the heat scores and jam session scores were added up. 1st place went to none other than Mr. Tony Hawk himself, 2nd was Andy Mac, 3rd was Mike Frazier, 4th was Hosoi, 5th was Mike Mcgill. After the contest Tony donated his board to the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian is doing an action sports dedicated museum and the sport of skateboarding will get its own room. Tony’s board will be the first to grace it’s walls. The event was insane. If you weren’t lucky enough to attend the event, check out the photos below. Look for a full video of the event tomorrow, Tuesday January 12th.” – via quicksilver


1. Tony Hawk
2. Andy Macdonald
3. Mike Frazier
4. Christian Hosoi
5. Mike McGill
6. Henry Guiterez
7. Jeff Hedges
8. Kevin Staab
9. Todd Johnson
10. Mark Lake
11. Buck Smith
12. Bob Umble
13. Cara Beth Burnside
14. Steve Steadham