June 30, 2011

The Blue Scholars are going to be coming back to the Aina for a show at the Loft. Coming fresh from their latest album Cinemetropolis they will also have special guest Bambu on tour to help with the Lyric slinging and over all show. Pre Sale tickets are available the Pearlridge In4mation. See more after the post.

Cinema has always played a major influence in Blue Scholars music, and this collection of songs is the most complete expression of that source of inspiration. During the creation of this collection of songs, an idea emerged: how does music influence cinema?

Cinemetropolis will be both an album and a collection of films inspired by the music. A sort of reverse movie soundtrack. With this project, each song, through collaborations with an array of filmmakers, will take on a life its own. We got a gang of music videos, short films and multimedia projects in the works, anchored by a featurette directed by longtime Blue Scholars collaborator Zia Mohajerjasbi.

Cinemetropolis, our first full-length release since 2007′s Bayani, will drop in June 2011, followed by a Fall tour.